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I feel alive. I've been on several trips and they've reminded me of just how much I love my family and my Lord. Want to see pictures? This time, I actually have some to show:

^^ Joe, Gail, Natalie, Nancy, and Kevin

^^ Natalie and Kevin fishing, which is what we did most of the time. I caught a 15 lb. fish on this trip, my second time fishing in my entire life. Isn't that cool? Too bad I didn't have my camera around when that happened... but everyone else at the lake got pictures of me and the fish (which I refused to touch), so maybe one will get around to me soon. I really like casting the fishing rod, but I don't care for actually catching a fish. My reasons for such are childish... so I won't tell them. :-)

This is the pool next door that we were free to swim in whenever we wanted. I ALWAYS wanted to, but Natalie thought I was insane because we had a huge lake right in our backyard to swim in whenever. The pool is cleaner and clearer, therefore, I like it much better.

This is their enormous jet ski and the lake house in the background. The house was cozy, though tiny, and clean. I liked that about it. The clean part.

I have more pictures of the lake scanned on to the computer, but I just don't feel like cropping and resizing all of them, so I won't. I'll just enjoy the pictures I have of the lake in real life. In fact, I don't even know why I'm posting them here. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of me at my mom's office... I was bored.

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